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Wedding Gown Cleaning Agreement

By signing this agreement, you acknowledge and agree that;

  1. Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning will use all reasonable efforts to maintain a high quality wedding gown cleaning service through the use of the Wet Cleaning process which is a procedure for the professional cleaning of textiles in water without using solvents.
    Sensitive, even non-washable textiles are cleaned in water at low liquid level with washing mechanics using intervals of short crush momentum and longer reaction times. The products used protect the fabrics against shrinkage, reduce the swelling tendency
    of natural fibres and increase the surface slide characteristics by agglomeration of colloids. Draining is achieved by extreme centrifugal acceleration in specifically designed wet cleaning machines.
  2. Gowns are treated according to the instructions on the respective care labels. If an item does not have a care label attached, we will treat the item based on commonly accepted practices within the industry for that material type, as determined solely
    by visual inspection and at the discretion of the cleaning staff. Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning bears no responsibility for the result of cleaning any item that does not have a manufacturer care label that is legible in English, nor for any damage
    that occurs if the care label instructions are incorrect or mislabelled. Most dry clean only tagged garments can safely be wet cleaned.
  3. Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning will not be held liable with respect to damage that can result from wear and tear or effects of the cleaning process. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Colour discolouration from chemicals in deodorant, perfumes, self-tanners and the use of such other personal topical solutions that were applied prior to Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning receiving the item
    2. Separation of bonded layers or other decorative material
    3. Damage resulting from existing defects or flaws such as loose buttons, beading or sequins prior to cleaning. Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning will take reasonable steps to inspect gowns for potential flaws or existing damages prior to commencing cleaning.
      This process is not comprehensive and Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning makes no guarantees to find all existing issues during the inspection. 
    4. Fabric shrinkage caused by following the garment care label 
  4. Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning reserves the right to refuse to clean any gown.
  5. Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning does not guarantee the removal of all stains. We will re-clean items that, with our sole discretion, were not properly cleaned and have not been worn since they were cleaned. 
  6. Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning is not responsible for loss of any personal or non-cleanable items left in the garment bag such as money, jewellery, or any other item. The customer agrees not to leave such items in its garment bag.
  7. Any re-imbursement or compensation paid for damage to any item by the fault of Ezy & Green Dry Cleaning will be made in accordance with the textile fair claims guide available from the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia.
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